AIA May Updates

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Mike Zajac from your local AIA chapter here. I’m e-mailing you with several updates and bits of news from the Central Arizona Society.

Firstly, our local chapter has been selected as a finalist for the Best Local AIA Society Programs. For the next four days, visitors to the AIA website can vote once per day for their favorite program, and the winner will be announced mid-May. We are currently in second place, just a mere 25 votes behind Milwaukee’s program. If everyone logs on and votes, we can win this! The link to the website is here: Please jump on and click for the next few days, and we can show the whole nation that we’re number one!

Second, your officers are hard at work recruiting speakers and coordinating the next round of lectures for the 2013-2014 season. The topics, dates, and times will be forthcoming, so stay tuned for that information.

Third, I wanted to take a moment and personally thank our two departing officers, Dr. Thomas Morton and Dr. Rachel Scott, for their dedication and extraordinary efforts in making the Central Arizona Society what it is today. Although these two brilliant scholars will be leaving us as officers, they will continue to be actively engaged in the AIA and will doubtlessly be visiting us again in the future. We welcome our new officers, Dr. Nancy Serwint and Chelsea Walter, who will transition into the new roles shortly.

Have a safe summer, and I’ll be in touch soon.

Mike Zajac