Upcoming Lecture: Cops and Robbers, Egyptian Style: Police Work in Ptolemaic Egypt

Cops and Robbers, Egyptian Style: Police Work in Ptolemaic Egypt
Speaker: John Bauschatz, University of Arizona
March 20, 2014, 6pm
Business Administration Building, C Wing, Room 116 (BAC 116)

Throughout the nearly 300 years of Ptolemaic rule in Egypt (330–30 B.C.), victims of crime in all areas of the Egyptian countryside called upon local police officials to investigate crimes, hold trials and arrest, question and sometimes even imprison wrongdoers. In this lecture I will examine the evidence for four of the main areas of police activity—arrest, investigation, detention and resolution—via case studies. As will become clear over the course of the lecture, the police system in place to tend to the needs of Egyptian villagers was efficient, effective and largely independent of central government controls.

John Bauschatz received his BA in Classics from Brown University in 1997, and his PhD from Duke University in 2005. He has taught in the Classics Departments at Duke and Swarthmore College, and has been an Assistant Professor of Classics at the University of Arizona since 2007. When not prepping for the introductory ancient Greek courses he teaches regularly for the Classics Department, you can find him reading up on crime in antiquity or trying to fill in the holes in pieces of ancient Egyptian papyrus. He lives in Tucson with his wife and three small children, and enjoys a pun once in a while.

This lecture is our third annual partnership with the Arizona chapter of the American Research Center in Egypt!

For a printable PDF parking map for this lecture, click here: Parking Map

For a printable PDF flyer for this lecture, click here: Bauschatz Flyer


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