Spring Elections

Good morning, everyone.  It is the middle of spring, and that means that it is time for our annual AIA Central Arizona Society (CAS) elections.  This year, the three positions that are available are those of Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  The duties of each of the positions are as follows:

The Vice-President shall act as a supplementary agent for the other Officers in their respective roles. Support may include but is not limited to assisting the President through the administration of Society outreach programs, working with the Program Coordinator to make local arrangements for lectures, and aiding the Secretary with the development and production of any publications and newsletters. In the absence of the President, the Vice-President shall serve as President.

The Secretary shall maintain files with important Society documents, keep minutes of business meetings and Committee meetings of the Society, give notice to the membership of all meetings of the Society, supervise dissemination of information through other means such as e-mail, letters, flyers, and posters, maintain a website for the Society (if any), and keep a roster of membership. This roster must be updated based on the roster sent from the headquarters of the AIA. The Secretary is also responsible for receiving election ballots, tallying ballots, and reporting results at business meetings.

The Treasurer shall maintain all checking and banking accounts associated with the Society, and shall be responsible for making deposits, coordinating reimbursements, and issuing honoraria as necessary. The Treasurer shall provide a ledger recording of all financial transactions to the Executive Committee at each business meeting, and shall coordinate any tax-related documentation if such material is required.

Candidates for each position may be nominated starting today, and nominations may continue until Sunday, April 17th.  To nominate someone or self-nominate, please send an e-mail to aiacentralarizonasociety@gmail.com, indicating the name of the candidate and the desired position.  After April 17th, e-mail messages will be sent to the candidates asking for a brief (<250 word) biography, each of which will be posted on this site.  The election shall take place between April 24th and May 1st, and shall be conducted via electronic ballots sent to the e-mail addresses of each CAS member as they are registered with the AIA.  Please remember that you must be a current CAS member in good standing to be nominated and to vote, and also make sure that your e-mail is up-to-date with the AIA so that you don’t miss your ballot.

Good luck!